The new standard for digitally documenting qualifications and span of control on the jobsite.

Build Custom Jobs

Use our industry-leading OnBoard® LMS to assign span of control (SOC), mark critical tasks, and create custom jobs needing verification in the field.

Assign applicable tasks to jobs and share them with contractors.

Create Verifications

If the tasks have SOCs assigned or are marked as critical, that data will be reflected in Verify, where the crew lead/foreman can create a verification using the custom jobs, assign a crew, and verify qualifications.

Assign SOC and critical tasks, edit crews and tasks, add comments, and submit.

Access Reports

Review your company's completed verifications (whether by internal or contractor employees) and utilize a downloadable PDF as proof for future inspections, incident reports, and audits.

The Verify dashboard provides a multi-layered view of the qualified individuals on the job, SOC assignments made, critical tasks assigned, and more!

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